We Get you LEADS!
Please take a look to this RESULTS...
199 Leads in 52 days
Avg: 3.8 Leads/day
24 Leads in 15 days 
Avg: 1,6 Leads/day
273 Leads in 12 days 
22.75 Leads/day
90 Leads in 14 days
6.4 Leads/day
103 Leads in 33 days
 3.12 Leads/day
379 Leads in 92 days
 4.11 Leads/day
If you average the Leads/day of these 6 clients you get an average of 7 Leads/Day
Above are some screenshots from the Lead Management App we provide to our customers.
Date in screenshot is when the campaign was activated, screenshots were taken April 30th, 2019
Results vary accordingly to amount paid by customer, type of product/service and other factors.
Schedule a FREE call with us. We can't wait to get you LEADS too! 
We use proven unorthodox very specific methods to get you RESULTS!
We Grow Your LEADS and Get You More SALES!
Talking about SUCCESS with Hollywood Celebrity Mel Gibson
Alejandro Illera with Mel Gibson
Alejandro Illera - Founder/President
Author - Coach - International Speaker in Business Growth Proven Strategies
Finding Customers
Google Artificial

We help the Google Algorithm find your ideal customer.

People searching online for your type of product or service will FIND you.
Facebook Artificial
We help Facebook learn your ideal customer, then persuade them to suspend socializing to learn about your service/product offering and contact you. 
An average of 300 New Customers per month buy our first week special, thanks to the online marketing campaigns. 
Andres - Manager/Co-owner
Yoga Studio 
We have received 2 to 7 leads per day. We convert over 30 % of them into customers. We are getting a very good ROI. Thanks.
David - Manager/Co-Owner
Auto Parts 
379 leads so far in a 60 day period.  We are very happy with the results,
 a very successful campaign!
Jairo - Manager/Partner
Dental Implants 
Schedule a FREE call with us to determine if your business can use Google AI, Facebook AI, or both. 
Converting Traffic into LEADS!
Most agencies only focus on getting you impressions, traffic, likes, views,
clicks and leave the CONVERSION INTO LEADS as your responsibility. 

We put the traffic through a process that causes them TO REACH YOU
via phone, a contact form and/or an APP we provide you 
for EASY, EFFECTIVE, and IMMEDIATE LEAD management and follow-up. 

You will know EXACTLY how many leads we are getting you and how many of those leads are converting into SALES. You will be able to know exact ROI.

Schedule a FREE call to talk about the APP and your Dream Client.
We Make Money When You Make Money
No long term commitments. 
Try us for ONE month.
We do our best to get you the MOST LEADS
The more money we help you make, 
the more sales we help you get, 
the more ROI you obtain,  
the more likely you remain as our ongoing customer. 
Our goal has been always to turn every customer into
an ongoing FOR EVER customer based on the RESULTS we provide 
This is why we do OUR BEST to get you the best possible leads!

New Sales Forecast
Take Control and Make Your Business Predictable
Our objective in the first 30 days is that you 
learn exactly how much NEW REVENUE
 you can generate for the money invested.  This will
 turn your business into a PREDICTABLE one,
where you will be able to CONTROL how 
much your business SELLS on a given month
based on the money you invest. From that moment
is only about how much more do you want to SELL.

Schedule a FREE call with us so we can do with you a ROI Exercise.
Alejandro Illera, Founder and President of our company with Hollywood Celebrities on 
Marketing and Business Growth Events

Michael Douglas
Famous Actor

John Travolta
Famous Actor 

Steve Wozniak
Apple Co-Founder
George Ross 
Advisor for The Apprentice TV Show
Author and Famous Investor
Bret Michaels 
Lead Singer "Poison" Group
Christie Brinkley
American Model, Actress
Gene Simmons 
American Rock Group "KISS" and Serial Entrepreneur
Bethenny Frankel
American Reality TV Personality 
Mark Wahlberg
Actor, Producer, Businessman
Michael Buffer
American Boxing Ring Announcer 
"Let's get ready to Rumble!" 
Nido Qubein
President High Point University &
Board of Directors Member Great Harvest Bread Company, BB&T, y La-Z-Boy Corporation
Mel Gibson
Actor, Movies Director and Producer
Become the leading "Celebrity" in your industry.
Some Case Studies Using our Specific Methods
Real Estate Agents
A) 169 Leads 2 Homes Under Contract
B) 93 Leads in the first 15 days
Fitness Centers
C) 198 Leads 22 New Members
D) USD $ 6,000 New Sales
E) USD $ 15,000 New Sales
Martial Arts Centers
F) 412 Leads, Got New Customers

G) 138 Leads, Got New Customers
Boat Rental
H) 50 Leads, Got New Customers
Car For Weddings Rental
I) 180 Leads, 25 Events Booked
Beauty Salon
J) 137 Leads USD $ 4,400 Sales
Microblading (Eyebrows System)
K) 12 New Customers
L) 90 Leads, Got New Customers
Yoga Studios
M) 84 Leads, USD $ 4,000 Sales
Tatoo Shop
N) USD $ 4,850 New Sales

Auto Parts
O) 203 Leads, 30%+ Turn Into Customers
P) 24 Leads/24 hours Got New Customers
Q) 100 Leads Got New Customers
R) 15 New Patients, 5 for 1 Appointment and 10 Set-Up for a Care Plan
Case Studies and Testimonials are real but your results may vary based upon amount paid, your business model, your efforts in converting leads into clients, your offers, your market, market forces and many other factors beyond our control. We make no earnings claims or return on investment claims. 
Schedule a Call to Learn How to Become a Successful Case Study
We are a BILINGUAL, SPANISH and ENGLISH Consulting Agency based in United States
Established since 2007
We Got Customers in Many Countries!
We welcome clients from any country!
Schedule a Call to learn how we can help you grow your sales.
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